Fame and the Kardashian Effect

Far too often in today’s media do we encounter individuals lusting after fame. Not knowledge, not fortune, not dreams. While some people are more interested in fame due to a talent they are blessed with, many more simply want to be, well, famous. This isn’t much of a surprise with the numerous individuals walking around Hollywood without having made much of a contribution to society in any way, shape, or form. Who else to use for an example then the Kardashian trio?

Not a single one of these females positively contributes to our world, yet society is obsessed with every step they take, every dress they try on, and every man they sleep with. In  every magazine I pick up, every channel I flip through and every online social network I login to, all I am bombarded with is the Kardashian effect.

We have the reality show, Keeping Up With the KardashiansKim has a book, perfume, and jewelry line. She promotes working out with her Fit in Your Jeans by Friday exercise DVDs, during which you can wear Skechers, another client using her to sell unnecessary products. If you want to look cute, pop on some Kim-endorsed LipFusion Infatuation. Then there’s her Beach Bunny bikinis selling for $200 each and her ShoeDazzle shoes for another $49.99.. What do all these facts add to? Millions of dollars, fifteen minutes of fame and a horrifying future for the millions of young girls idolizing Kim as their role models.

Despite all Kim’s extraordinary achievements,  simply put, not a single one of the Kardashian trio possesses a degree in any field. Let me also continue to state that not a single one of them has any information of significance to share with the world. Not once have I heard a Kardashian speak regarding feminism, or politics, or maybe day to day issues that affect our youth such as bullying or drug abuse. No. All we are exposed to is their lavish lifestyle and their expensive houses and cars that we provided them with.

I would like to remind everyone that Kim Kardashian became famous after a brief relationships with rapper Ray J, who “leaked” a homemade porno video of the couple. Since then, Kim has gone on to become an icon and the beauty editor of OK! magazine. As a journalism major this appalls me. There is much work that is required behind becoming an editor, and Kim does not contain any of the required skills.

Well, it is no wonder much of our youth aspires to be famous in all wrong the ways, because as the Kardashians have demonstrated a leaked sex tape may eventually land an editing contract.

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