Relationships Do Not Have Guidelines


Many people in today’s society seem to believe that entering a relationship comes with a set guidebook of rules, regulations & responsibilities. As true as this may be, every couple, or every person I should say, has different needs and wants in a relationship. To me, it’s not about the act of being in a relationship or in love. It’s not about feeling incomplete without them, it’s not about being lonely & depressed when they’re gone from your life. Love happens naturally when you suddenly meet a person you can not live your day to day life without… There are no unwritten or written rules, there are no set standards of loving. Every person has different ways of achieving and maintaing happiness; the key is to find someone who will effortlessly add to it. But for any relationship to work they primary key is personal satisfaction and happiness. Do not waste your time clinging on to someone out of personal insecurity; you will make their life hell and probably have you feeling worse about yourself then you ever did. Love is not a cure to insecurity. It is an additive to happiness. Romantic love is no different than any other love & should not be viewed as something that requires effort & work to survive. There will always be disagreements. There will always be arguments. There will always be unhappy moments. That’s life.

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