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Discipline, Desire and Discontent

Discipline of Desire:
Desire: A longing or craving, as for something that brings satisfaction or enjoyment

Discipline: A behavior in accord with rules of conduct; behavior and order maintained by training and control.

It is almost like black/white. Complete opposites and yet they come together to make something so perfect. Ying and Yang is the sign of prosperity and tranquility, the union of two offset vibes that come together to bleed of comfort and stability. Discipline and desire can bring forth great rewards if you choose to live your life and expand your personal growth past what you see, but get in touch with how you really feel about the things that are going on in your life.


Desire can come in all shapes, sizes, and be hidden in many different forms. Desire can be that woman/man that you see on occasion but every time you get a glance of him/her you feel an overwhelming desire to speak, or to lust over having that moment of clarity that speaks so positively within your fantasies. It could be that one particular food that you desire and no matter where you go, what diet your on, or if that goes against our health you find some way to continuously devour with ecstasy. Even clothing or material objects could be of a lustful desire. That Bentley Coupe, those Burberry boots, or maybe that Fendi bag that keeps you feeling that if you had this one item your life would be complete or at least until next fall comes and the new line is presented.

Desire can be a beautiful addition to your world but you have to know like with all things when and where it is appropriate to let go of your desires and explore it to the depths of its new found land. We are human, YES, but we have a conscious and with this comes our true knowledge of when we should make the right decisions and not be bias when desire steps in.


When you truly love someone, with love comes respect. With respect comes responsibility, and with responsibility comes hard decisions when entering into a relationship or union. Desire seems to always pop up everywhere you turn. The woman that you work with, the man that persists on buying you a drink in the club, the woman that continuously texts you even while knowing you are involved and doesn’t feel that you are that serious about your lover. All these things are tests of the will. Can you control yourself even when you are not in your lover’s presence? How far can you go if not at all? Or how do you know when you are crossing the line. These are all questions that show weakness because deep down inside you know what you would and wouldn’t do, and yet you consistently make the wrong decisions? Which is another example of two opposites coming together perfectly because “consistency” and “wrong” seem to go hand in hand allot of times when we are making these decisions.

Honestly put yourself in your spouse’s shoes and ask yourself if you could be in that moment with them when they take that number, when they engage in over the top conversations, when they get a little loose with their emails would you enjoy watching that? Would you enjoy seeing that other person kiss someone with that SAME passionate kiss that you THOUGHT y’all only shared? Regardless if your heart lies with them is not right to live right even when you could easily live wrong? Its so easy to add someone with no meaning into your life..right? Or is it just “physically” easy but “emotionally” upsetting and confusing? You are free to make your own call. But I can tell you this, the more confusion you add into your life the more confusion you will have with every breath that you take when thinking of that person that you love and care for. Allot of times we take problems and we spread them throughout our day, even mixing them with other outside problems with jobs, car, kids, etc. So next time you think that the grass is greener consider the fact that you cant see how far green the grass goes.

It is the backbone to your conscious. It is the reason why you kept that weight off, why you are healthier and why you continuously make better decisions and enter into adult hood as smooth as possible. Discipline can open so many doors past the pettiness that you experience day in and day out. Who cares what the next person is doing or wearing or saying? You have lived as long as you lived without even KNOWING that person yet you let them say, do or think for you? So how did you make all of the positive moves you have made so far without their help? Or maybe you are in an mentally abusive relationship? Your their because you haven’t disciplined yourself enough to even know who YOU are so you keep attaching yourself to the one person’s company that DOESN’T change and is always available because you don’t want to discipline yourself to know who YOU are.

Let’s do better everyone. Let’s focus on finding our wants our desires and our limitations so that when we are blessed with something wonderful we can truly appreciate it for everything that it is AND all the doors it can possibly open.

I have made many mistakes in my life but I never have counted them, I only count how many lessons I have learned from them. Appreciate that person that just wants to see you smile TRULY. Not that person who came around yesterday and you think is going to solve your problems.

Character : The aggregate of features and traits that form the individual nature of some person or thing.

Character can be negative or positive but at the end of the day it shapes the person that you are. Character can be made up of the lessons you have learned, been honored to be blessed with or that you trudged through. But the point of life is that you take lemons and make lemonade. If you continuously talk about everything bad you have gone through how bad can it honestly be if your STILL HERE conversing about it? Also you have someone that obviously cares if you are TALKING about it with them? So out of this horrible situation your still here talking about it and someone wants to hear and give an opinion about what is bothering you so much? So you have friends who care and good health? Is that not two positive things without even looking at whatever situation is at hand?

Be blessed and be strong because desire isn’t worth loosing stability over. Discipline will help guide you past all the road blocks, and character will continue you on your road to success.