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The Devil and Miss Prym

This book was phenomenally written, as are ALL of Coelho’s books. His writing is touching, inspiring and well advanced in comparison to many of his colleagues. The book battles between good & bad, right & wrong… Above all, his writing inspires me due to his ability to leave me to come to my own conclusions. He thoroughly explains every single person’s story, why they are who they are, how they got to be who they became & what obstacles they each overcame in life. Amazing for anyone willing to accept that there is no ultimate right or wrong & that each being has their own unique destiny & their own reality. Coelho is absolutely, hands down, the best at ensuring that each person’s story & struggle is felt. 

The story line is simple- a man who has been hurt by his own past (I will not provide the history and spoil the book) goes into a quiet village town to test what all human beings ultimately want to know- are humans at core good or evil? A series of unexpected and amazing events leaves you amazed at how the most simple of life’s complexities can leave you questioning life’s grandest concepts the most.